Off Franklin – A Tumblr theme made with media in mind

Off Franklin is a minimal and efficient layout system based on this site’s design to display your Tumblr content.

  • Simple grid-based layout All content fits in the grid used on
  • Easy media viewing Photos on index page can be viewed in a lightbox fashion.
  • Minimal post pages Post pages are simple and allow the content to take highest priority.
  • Limited UI Functionality is hidden, yet accessible.
  • Footer for your Tumblr & Twitter activity All your Tumblr-related activity in one spot.

Content friendly

The interface was designed to work well with all forms of Tumblr content. The interface is intended to simply stay out of the way on a post’s individual page. Posts with content small or large work just fine.

Easy customization

The theme opted for a simple white-level color system as opposed to content-specific colors. This should allow for a simpler and more reliable color scheme. Just choose your highlight, light, dark, shadow, black and accent colors.

Efficient index layout

Off Franklin’s front page uses the wonderful Masonry jQuery plugin, which allows for an efficient use of space. Long-form content in posts are truncated for uniformity – ensuring a consistent experience regardless of content.

Full Tumblr Support

The April 19, 2010 release now supports Tumblr’s page feature. In addition, you can now toggle the sticky footer on and off for those using Streampad or any other service which needs that space.

Off Franklin loves Iconic

The theme was designed specifically to work with the icon set. Make sure to download the set if you are itching to customize the theme for your needs. The theme also has a secret crush on Sanscons.

Free to use

This theme is currently licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Feel free to use it, alter it or do with it as you see fit – it is now just as much yours as mine.

Other projects

  • Cue

    Cue is a public domain gestural icon system which focuses on legibility and symbolic representation.

  • Iconic

    Iconic is a minimal set of icons consisting of 84 marks in raster and vector formats — free for public use.

  • Sanscons

    Sanscons is a CSS-friendly version of Bitcons — allowing you to set custom backgrounds on your icons.