Cue – A gesture icon system

Cue is a public domain gestural icon system which focuses on legibility and symbolic representation.

  • Built from a core visual system All icons build from two basic actions.
  • Cover the core multitouch gestures Cue has icons for all the gestures that are performed on modern mobile devices.
  • Size flexibility The icons are legible from 16 pixels and above.
  • Built in labels Each icon comes in a labeled and unlabeled version.
  • Mulitple formats The set come in PNG, SVG Omnigraffle Stencil and InDesign formats.

A different approach towards gestural icons

Cue is intended to be a foundational set of icons to build a standard visual language of touch-based interactions. Each gesture is distilled to its core action to exhibit a more figurative, iconic aesthetic.

Abstracted representation

Not everyone is right handed, nor do they perform gestures uniformly which makes literal expression less than optimal.

A system to grow from

Gestures will come, go and change over time. Cue was designed to support that. Learn more about the thinking.

Legible at small sizes

Mobile devices are already space-constrained. My goal was to create icons that could take up little space in a mobile interface if needed.

Multiple formats

Cue comes in PNG (4 sizes), SVG, Omnigraffle and InDesign formats. In addition, they icons come with and without labels.

Preview the icon set

Full icon set

Free now, always

Cue is free to use however you see fit and is public domain. Use it how you see fit.

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