My work consists of code, design & ideas that are worked on for purposes of enjoyment.

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  • Cue

    Cue is a public domain gestural icon system which focuses on legibility and symbolic representation.

  • Iconic

    Iconic is a minimal set of icons consisting of 84 marks in raster and vector formats — free for public use.

  • Bitcons

    Bitcons is a pixel icon set available in various colors/sizes and completely free to use.

  • Sanscons

    Sanscons is a CSS-friendly version of Bitcons — allowing you to set custom backgrounds on your icons.

  • coordy

    coordy is a Flash layout toolkit which allows you to easily organize items in various layout patterns.

  • Frank WP theme

    Frank is a theme designed specifically for displaying a large and diverse range of content.

  • Off Franklin Tumblr theme

    The theme is intended for media, such as videos and images, yet still flexible to handle all other content.

  • Reusable cup sleeve

    A printable and template for creating a reusable cup sleeve along with directions on assembling.

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