Differentiating Between Web Craft and Web Design

I do not think it will be argued against too much if I contend that most of the web design blogosphere spends the majority of its articles on how to put websites together. We have a plethora of CSS, HTML and Javascript tutorials on the internet, but, as Andy Rutledge points out, the same cannot be said about design topics. Granted, both facets are very important, but we cannot begin to mistake one for the other. There is web design and there is web craft; two equally important pieces to the end goal, but nonetheless separate pieces. Continue reading “Differentiating Between Web Craft and Web Design”

Web Designer – No Experience Needed

My next few articles will be discussing my thoughts on the current trends and state of design on the web. I hold no illusion that my opinions on this topic should be taken as absolute. However, my feeling is, the more discourse, the better.

I stumbled upon this site via Firewheel that seemed to be a great prelude to my near-future writings. Indeed, the get-rich-quick scheme has laid its larva into the unsuspecting gut of graphic design. Or to use their own words:

Make $1,000 A Day In The “Hidden” Desktop Design Market

Yes, now everyone can be a graphic designer and make a hell of a lot more money than the people who actually do it for a living. This is one of the quintessential problems of design on the internet; everyone is a web designer – therefore no one is. In my opinion, this open, all-inclusive vocation needs a small dose of intellectual elitism. It is true that anyone can design a site, but not everyone can do it well. Continue reading “Web Designer – No Experience Needed”