Things I Have Learned About SRD So Far.

I mentioned a while back that I would be writing on the process of improving this site. Up until this point, I have been making small, incremental changes throughout the site to see if they would impact key traffic metrics. My goal was to set up some A/B testing scenarios on my blog, but performing tests on anything but the most superficial of elements proved to be disruptive. I then decided to move to Plan B and implement custom event tracking with Google Analytics. In short, the results have not only been revealing, but unexpected. I always knew in a theoretical level how important deriving empirical data was in order to justify a design, but soon after I began to observe detailed click patters, that opinion became concrete. If I was writing my Golden Rules of Site Redesign article today, it may be a little different. Continue reading “Things I Have Learned About SRD So Far.”