With 3 days left until the election, I am oh-so-proud to announce the launch of, a site intended to literally give voice to the voters of America. You participate by calling one of the numbers on the website based off of who you are voting for and leave a message explaining why you are. Your audio recording will then show up on the site for others to hear.

This site was a joint-collaboration between myself, Gershoni and Ribbit. Without Ribbit’s technology, there would be no way this could have been created – I cannot thank them enough for their time and generosity. In addition, working with the Gershoni crew was absolutely amazing and I am still amazing at how much we were able to accomplish in such little time.

Please, do take the time out to go to and leave a message. It will take less than a minute and in return you will help keep the political discussion going all the way until election day. You should also check out for some really cool election 2008 video mashups. Big hat tip to Neil Voss for the great work on that site.

Daily Delicious – Social Data through Microformats

Microformats are becoming hotter topic with each passing day. With Firefox 3 supporting microformats, web designers/developers are suddenly going to have many more tools hanging from their belt. I understood the gist of microformats, but it was not until I read a great brief on microformats that I understood the depth and power of what they make possible.

Semantic code now has a whole new layer of meaning and functionality with microformats that we currently have only scratched the surface of. In addition, those features will theoretically be easier to implement. The elemental microformats are where things get very interesting for me. Social features such as voting, personal connection and tags can be published and parsed through simple semantics. These features give the potential for any site to participate and contribute to socialized information. The next-generation social bookmarking/aggregator sites could be merely a centralized hub of otherwise decentralized information. This theoretically lessens the the need for behemoth all-in-one social sites such as Digg. This gives web publishers another tool to both contribute and tap into a stream of information to make data more rich and connected. Very exciting. link