Welcome to Some Random Dude

It has been months in the making, but the new Some Random Dude is finally launch worthy. This site was completely re-thought from the ground up in concept, purpose and process which is why it took so long to get to this point. The site is currently in an alpha state, so there are many improvements and changes that will need to occur in the weeks and months to come. However, I feel as though the site is ready for public eyeballs. There has been a lot of thought put into this new site, so I am going to explain a little of what this new site is all about and where it is going to be headed. Continue reading “Welcome to Some Random Dude”

The Next Hot Style – Just As Soulless As The Last One

A little over a year ago, I wrote on the short-sightedness of the visual style which had been named after the technology it had been associated with – Web 2.0. As predicted, the masses have begun to tire of the current trend. Additionally, designers are beginning to write about their dissatisfaction towards the Web 2.0 visual trend and are proposing alternatives to it. As the visual style attributed Web 2.0 wains, we are inevitably going to see the rise of another all but arbitrary visual style take its place which will be adopted by the design masses without a second thought. Continue reading “The Next Hot Style – Just As Soulless As The Last One”

An Interview on Web Trends from Fadtastic

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Fadtastic about my thoughts on web design and its trends. I actually found the interview process to be quite educational as it really forced me to sit down and think about certain issues in order to come to a conclusion of what my opinion really is. Since not all my answers were posted, I thought I would post my entire interview.

Once again, I would really like to thank the folks at Fadtastic for the great opportunity. On a side note, I will begin contributing to Fadtastic with articles every now and then – I am looking forward to writing in a new arena.
Continue reading “An Interview on Web Trends from Fadtastic”