The Status Update Needs an Open Standard

Twitter’s recent API shenanigans have been exhaustively documented. Like it or not, Twitter is making a business decision and there is little that anyone can do about it. has made a play to provide a clear alternative. Full disclosure, I am a paying member of I think they are providing a valuable service and I am pulling for them to succeed. With that said, I do not think (or any closed service) is the solution to the problem. Continue reading “The Status Update Needs an Open Standard”

Twitter of 2006 Should Have a Talk With Twitter of 2011

Fail Whale

The diversity inherent in public design/development was considered the strength of the Web 2.0 movement. In many ways, Twitter has become the behemoth it now is based on that very notion. In an odd turn, Twitter has decided to ask developers to stop making conventional Twitter apps. To put it lightly, there seems to be a lack of historical perspective in this change in opinion. Perhaps the hardest part for myself to swallow is the fact that Twitter’s official client was not the product of an internal design team, but simply a revised version of an acquired third-party application. Continue reading “Twitter of 2006 Should Have a Talk With Twitter of 2011”

So I Am Starting to Twitter

I have been playing with Twitter for the past few months now and I have decided to temporarily take the plunge and devote much more time into it. I am planning to integrate my Twittering into this blog – which required this plugin, which required a WordPress upgrade which ended up creating all hell with some of my plugins, which ended up clearing all my tags once someone commented, which required me to frantically try to get my site back to normal.

Good times.

If you Twitter, by all means, please head over to my profile and add me as a friend. I have been very resistant to the social networking scene as I feel many, if not most, lack substance. What I like about Twitter is the fact it is a tool that can be used however one desires – the social aspect is merely a feature. Due to this flexibility, I am going to give it a go.

Integrating some aspects of my Twittering to the blog should not take too long so they should be popping up in the next couple weeks… Along with the photoblog and the functionality updates to Some Random Dude… Yes, I know I bit off more than I can chew. Still, I think this could add a lot to the site, so I am looking forward to trying it out. Please let me know your thoughts and, by all means, Sign up for an account and add me as a friend so you can join in on the fun.