Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons

Well, that didn’t take long…

Less than two weeks ago, I updated Iconic with 18 new icons. I have had some time on my hands as of late, so I was able to add another 22 icons to the collection. This update includes bars (for charts or mobile coverage), alternate documents, upload/download, cloud upload download, a pilcrow, microphone, award, aperture and a few others. Most notably, I finally was able to get a camera icon that was decent. Continue reading “Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons”

An Iconic Update

It has been a while since I have had time to work on personal projects. In between all the madness, I had been working on some new icons for the Iconic set and I finally got to roll them out. There are 18 new icons, which brings the total up to 154. This update includes brushes, layers, an ampersand, pie charts, a list, another version of a comment, an umbrella and a few others. The set is still missing some relatively important glyphs, but I am still quite happy with how many icons have been created for it. Continue reading “An Iconic Update”

In Defense of Hard

This post was originally posted on the Adaptive Path blog.

The permeation of software in society has given everyone the opportunity to do what only professionals were capable of in years past. The web has only accelerated its progression. There are whole new segments of the population who are now frequently publishing their writing, editing video, and processing photos, among other things. The problem, however, is that to meet the needs of this new untrained audience, the methods of interaction have been over-simplified in the process. Instead of bringing everyone up to a higher proficiency, this is dragging everyone down, including professionals, to a lower state. Superficially designed products create superficial understandings of the subject matter. Expect more of your audience, give them a good reason why it is worth their time, and you will have a better audience as well as a better product.

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Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.

The big excerpt for this post.

A couple weeks ago, I abruptly altered the format in which I began to blog. For better or for worse, I have a history of doing things like this. A few years back, I transitioned from exclusively large-form writing to ultra-light content—often times limited to a single sentence. I was able to generate tons of content on a daily basis, but after years of pushing out content of this genre, I felt that the content being created was severely lacking in depth. So I have tried to find a good middle ground between extremely in-depth content that could take weeks or months to get out due to my schedule and quick, consistent yet shallow updates. In addition, I am really trying to get my own personal process in order rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets as I did in the past. I wanted to post this to both give you an insight as to what is around the corner as well as open the floor to see get your thoughts on this new content format. Continue reading “Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.”

The Screenification of Appliances

G plus

The future where we have touchscreens on our toasters may be closer than previously thought. Gorenje’s iChef+ (unfortunate name aside makes a very compelling case for the immediate benefits of touch-based appliances. From a purely aesthetic point, touch systems create the opportunity to clean up the often-times cumbersome collection of dials and buttons necessary to run our everyday appliances. That alone would be a step in the right direction. However, I think the most compelling advantage lies elsewhere. Continue reading “The Screenification of Appliances”

Iconic and Off Franklin Get Updates

I have been sitting on these updates for a few days, but I needed some time to get them ready for release. Iconic now has 6 new icons and Off Franklin has a decent number of new features and fixes. The two offerings have begun to mature and I hope to improve upon them in the coming months. It is extremely important that everything on this site is not just offered up to the public, but offered up as high-quality products that are worth releasing. Details on the updates are below the fold. Continue reading “Iconic and Off Franklin Get Updates”

Finished. Time To Start Over.

For the past year on this blog, I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the design and development of this blog. In many ways, the new direction of the blog was an amazing success. The blog has been updated literally thousands of times with all different kinds of content. The decentralized manner of publishing turned my everyday routines into a form of blogging. However, during same year, I have written a grand total of 18 actual long-form articles. Of those 18, perhaps 10 were no related to the theme development or why I was not actually writing. I knew quickly after the redesign that I missed the mark in a few ways – in one way or another, I have been working on fixing those issues. I believe that those are behind me now with this current revision. This theme has been released in a more generic form which fulfills the promise I made just about one year ago to this day. Which leads me to my next “project”. I want to turn this blog around in a big way. I am aiming to get some serious readership and some serious conversations back on this site. I want to go about doing this in a fairly naive/idealogical manner and I am planning to write extensively about it.
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