Some Random Dude is Now (More) Responsive

In the past two weeks, I was able to update this site (and more importantly, the open source theme behind it) to have a responsive layout. This was the last big hurdle for me to get a final-ish version of the theme out the door.

There are still small issues that need to be addressed, but this was the big one. The next goal is to get a project page up along with some simple starting guides, take a breath and see where the project goes from there. My current site is still imperfect, but I consider it to be a good reflection of how I view responsive web design. As I mentioned in an recently, responsive web design goes beyond a responsive layout. Our designs need to address limited bandwidth and processing power associated with mobile devices.

My hope is this theme will continue to improve so that it can provide a viable option for bloggers who provide a fast, reading-centric experience for their visitors. Due to my limited schedule however, I need to rely on the community to help me push this project forward. If you have enjoyed this site and/or you would like to use this theme, I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to help make it better for everyone else. So please, fork this theme and get in touch with me if you are interesting in contributing.

Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.

The big excerpt for this post.

A couple weeks ago, I abruptly altered the format in which I began to blog. For better or for worse, I have a history of doing things like this. A few years back, I transitioned from exclusively large-form writing to ultra-light content—often times limited to a single sentence. I was able to generate tons of content on a daily basis, but after years of pushing out content of this genre, I felt that the content being created was severely lacking in depth. So I have tried to find a good middle ground between extremely in-depth content that could take weeks or months to get out due to my schedule and quick, consistent yet shallow updates. In addition, I am really trying to get my own personal process in order rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets as I did in the past. I wanted to post this to both give you an insight as to what is around the corner as well as open the floor to see get your thoughts on this new content format. Continue reading “Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.”

Finally – the Franklin Street WordPress Theme is Released

Nearly nine months ago, the new version of Some Random Dude was launched. The introductory post mentioned that all work showcased on the site would be created with the intention of being publicly released. The most notable piece, being the theme of this very blog. Yet, here we are and still no theme has been released. Now, this is not due to my decision to reneg on that deal. More simply, it is because the theme was a complete and utter mess that was nearly impossible to release in any way that would be discernible or useful to anyone but myself. In addition, there were many facets of this theme that I felt missed the mark or did not end up working out as planned. Therefore, I took a step back and tackled the redesign of this site 180 degrees from how I initially did. I designed and created the WordPress theme for public use first and its (tentatively) ready for you to use. Continue reading “Finally – the Franklin Street WordPress Theme is Released”

Moving Forward

Ever since my little work-induced hiatus, I have been trying to wrap up some projects that have been hanging over my head for a while. Releasing coordy was a big step in the right direction. However, when I relaunched this site, I made a big promise that I would release the WordPress theme for public use. After a month or two of using and maintaining this site in its latest incarnation, it became quite clear that it would be a monumental task to wrap up all the code for public use and that the current theme would be far too rigid and fragile to implement for anyone outside of the person who built it to begin with. Continue reading “Moving Forward”

Get the Franklin Street Tumblr Theme

Very early on in the process of setting up the new Some Random Dude, I mentioned that all work done on and for this site would be made available as open source and/or free. It is something that I feel very strongly about and am deeply committed to following through on for as long as this blog is active. As a small first gesture, I am offering up the theme used for the Some Random Dude Tumblr site. Feel free to use it, alter it and improve upon it as you see fit. If you do not have a Tumblr account yet, I highly suggest that you get one — it is a genuinely great service. Continue reading “Get the Franklin Street Tumblr Theme”