Making the Transition from Development to Design—My Experience and Advice

Just how does a person with development background move over to design? Here are some tips as someone who has gone through the process.

A couple months ago, a person emailed me asking for tips for transitioning to design from a development background. As someone who had loosely gone through the same path (from programming to design to programming then back to design), I wanted to share any advice I could possibly give. After writing the letter, I thought it may be useful to a few other people out there. So if you are a developer looking to get into design, this is written specifically for you. To preface, this article is not why developers can be good designers. This article does a great job of articulating those ideas. So instead of duplicating good work, I spent time on some ways a developer can get into design. Continue reading “Making the Transition from Development to Design—My Experience and Advice”

Making Franklin Street Happen

When I first relaunched Some Random Dude, which feels like eons ago, I made the big promise that I was going to release everything I made as open source. That idea is still very important to me, but it has literally been years and I still haven’t released a fully-completed release. I could go on for paragraphs on the significantly understandable reasons why that has happened, but neither you nor I care. What is important to note was that I wanted to release something that people would find useful and easy to use. This essentially put me in the corner of making two themes – one for my personal use and one for public use. This was a nightmare. So, a year or so ago, I toned it down and made my own site less code-bloaty in the hope that it would finally get me to the point where i could proudly release the theme. Well, that didn’t work either. The truth is, I just can’t make a theme that I can use and a separate theme that you can use. This by no means has deterred me from releasing my theme, I am just going down a different route with significantly less resistance. Continue reading “Making Franklin Street Happen”

New Beginnings

Since sometime in 2007, I have had the fortune to be self-employed. The process was at first frightening, quickly evolved into empowering and eventually phased into a quite comfortable space. Like all things, the work had its ups and downs, but when everything was added up, it definitely netted positive. If you asked me a few months ago if I saw myself moving back into an employed role, I would have laughed it off. Things change. Continue reading “New Beginnings”