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Some Random Dude is Now (More) Responsive

In the past two weeks, I was able to update this site (and more importantly, the open source theme behind it) to have a responsive layout. This was the last big hurdle for me to get a final-ish version of the theme out the door.

There are still small issues that need to be addressed, but this was the big one. The next goal is to get a project page up along with some simple starting guides, take a breath and see where the project goes from there. My current site is still imperfect, but I consider it to be a good reflection of how I view responsive web design. As I mentioned in an recently, responsive web design goes beyond a responsive layout. Our designs need to address limited bandwidth and processing power associated with mobile devices.

My hope is this theme will continue to improve so that it can provide a viable option for bloggers who provide a fast, reading-centric experience for their visitors. Due to my limited schedule however, I need to rely on the community to help me push this project forward. If you have enjoyed this site and/or you would like to use this theme, I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to help make it better for everyone else. So please, fork this theme and get in touch with me if you are interesting in contributing.

Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework

After an extremely long wait, the Layout Organizers I began working on so long ago has finally been released as a full-fledged library named coordy. The code and documentation has finally reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable offering it up to the public. The code is MIT licensed and begging to be used. Read On…

When will the new Layout Organizer library be released?

I have been getting a lot of emails and comments about this and I have rudely not replied to any of them. It is not because I am trying to be rude (I promise), I am just eyeball deep in a large project at the moment. Thus, I have had zero time to work on anything extracurricular, including sleep.

That said, after this project, the layout organizer library and releasing this blog’s theme are going to be my top priorities. Yes, I could release the library right now, but I would prefer to do it right. The project I am working on should be complete around early July, so I would expect the library to be released by mid to late July. This time, library will be released with full documentation, it will be also available as a SWC and it will be released on Google Code so that releases can actually be offered up on a more regular timeline.

I know this is not optimal and I apologize for the lack of updates, but better to just do this right than to hand out a half-ass intermediate release just to release the right way a couple weeks later.

Progress on the Layout Organizers Library

A long while back, I released a layout organizer library for Flash. The whole project was essentially an experiment-turned-released-code-collection and, as expected, there have been some growing pains going forward. I have been taking the time to rethink portions of the library and try to clean up and extend its functionality. One big push forward was the introduction of 3d layouts — however, it did not quite fit in with the prior structure. Well, I am very close to completing a fairly thorough rewrite of the library, which will be released in a less haphazard way. I have come to depend on this library for almost every project I have taken on — it just takes care of so much for you automatically. Read On…