SVG CSS Injection—A Different Approach Towards SVG Rendering

SVGs will be playing a major role in our new retina-display world. If we are going to be using SVGs, why not take advantage of their markup structure?

Retina displays are going to drastically change how we design for the web. Vector imagery, most notably SVG, will become a significant tool to display resolution-independent imagery at a reasonable bandwidth footprint. I made the switch to SVG on my site using data URIs a few weeks back and will not be looking back. One thing has gnawed at me when I added the SVGs to my CSS file. It felt wrong to treat those SVGs like a plain images. One considerable strength to SVG is that it’s markup-based. That nagging feeling led me to experiment with a different approach to rendering vector imagery on a website, which I am calling SVG CSS injection. Continue reading “SVG CSS Injection—A Different Approach Towards SVG Rendering”

Anti-Flash Standardistas – You're Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

The more I read attacks on Flash, the more I end up shaking my head in confusion. Honestly, I am a little surprised this is still being debated. People, we need to get over this. Before I elaborate further, I want to make clear my support for web standards, usability and accessibility. Additionally, I understand the concern with Flash – it is not as easy to make accessible compared to HTML/CSS, it has, and continues, to be used for some really stupid things, etc., etc., etc. We have all been down that road, we have heard the arguments. That being said, standardistas: you are fighting a losing battle, and on top of it, a battle not worth fighting. Flash is about as standards-friendly as any media plug-in there is. For each bad use of Flash, there are hundreds being used well. Lastly, and more importantly, it is changing what we can do on a browser and how our generation accesses media. Please, for everyone’s sake, stop griping about Flash and start educating people on how it can be used more effectively with standards and accessibility in mind.
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