Where Icons Are Headed on the Web

Oak Studios just released Symbolset, an icon set that creates a significant step forward in a long-running trend for iconography on the web. In their words, Symbolsets are “semantic symbol fonts”, which act as replacements for full words in your HTML. This has a clear advantage for accessibility and indexing. Symbolset uses font files as the delivery system and map the icons to standard Unicode values. Continue reading “Where Icons Are Headed on the Web”

Designing Icons Around Privacy

The couple months ago a person contacted me to help them design a small icon system for an academic paper. The icons were needed to communicate different online privacy settings when sharing content or information. Communicating levels of privacy is far more complex than the simple nouns or verbs normally symbolized in icons. The set was small enough in number for me to take design them outside of my work hours. What I’m showing today are wireframes of the icons to communicate the general direction and explain the structure/rules behind this system. Continue reading “Designing Icons Around Privacy”

Tonkyou and Iconitos pages updated

I’ve been slowly cleaning up the small fragments of that remain of my old blog. I finally was able to get the Iconitos and Tonkyou projects in the new blog format. I’d like to add a little more functionality to these pages, but this alone was a big upgrade.

If you haven’t yet seen these abstract icon font sets, you may just want to take a look. For what it’s worth, I think they’re quite interesting.