Font-Embedding Icons the Right Way—A Legitimate Alternative to Images

Using fonts to display icons have shown potential but carry significant downsides. A slight adjustment to the method makes it ready for primetime.

When I released Iconic in font format it got a lot of positive feedback. However, it had one significant technical issues that kept it from being practical. The glyphs in the font had no logical assignment to Unicode characters, making the output semantically unsound. A few months back, Philip Shaw shared a much improved method for glyph assignment which I have implemented in the current version of Iconic. I thought it would be worthwhile to share that approach so that others may adopt it and that a standard can hopefully form. Continue reading “Font-Embedding Icons the Right Way—A Legitimate Alternative to Images”

Iconic is Now Open Source

After two years of work, Iconic is now a fully open source project. This release signifies the biggest improvement in the set as well as the biggest shift in how it will progress.

When I made Iconic nearly two years ago, I was always committed to keeping it free. There are a lot of very good commercial icon sets, but I thought it was important to have a free alternative. I am unsure whether the success of Iconic was due to its design, its free model or a little of both, but the set has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and it being used on thousands of websites. I’m tremendously happy with how useful it has been for people. That said, the most impressive thing for me has been the willingness of complete strangers to contribute to this project. I am going to make that a lot easier now by open-sourcing the Iconic on Github. In doing so, I have high aspirations for the set moving forward. Continue reading “Iconic is Now Open Source”

Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons

Well, that didn’t take long…

Less than two weeks ago, I updated Iconic with 18 new icons. I have had some time on my hands as of late, so I was able to add another 22 icons to the collection. This update includes bars (for charts or mobile coverage), alternate documents, upload/download, cloud upload download, a pilcrow, microphone, award, aperture and a few others. Most notably, I finally was able to get a camera icon that was decent. Continue reading “Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons”

An Iconic Update

It has been a while since I have had time to work on personal projects. In between all the madness, I had been working on some new icons for the Iconic set and I finally got to roll them out. There are 18 new icons, which brings the total up to 154. This update includes brushes, layers, an ampersand, pie charts, a list, another version of a comment, an umbrella and a few others. The set is still missing some relatively important glyphs, but I am still quite happy with how many icons have been created for it. Continue reading “An Iconic Update”