A Call For Open Sourcing Our Fonts

With embedded fonts being supported by all modern browsers in one form or another (be it EOT or @font-face), it is only a matter of time until font embedding becomes commonplace on sites catering to current generation browsers. There is a large collection of blog articles discussing the obvious ramifications of embedding commercially-licensed fonts, the inevitable rise in piracy and the equally inevitable decrease in type foundry profits. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this subject and how it relates to recent copyright debacles conflicts. I would like to be optimistic that a proactive approach towards embedding licensed fonts is attainable and will be accepted by many of the major foundries. However, I do not think it will be happening anytime soon. Therefore, I think the more plausible solution for the immediate future, is to push for an embeddable, open source font collection. Continue reading “A Call For Open Sourcing Our Fonts”

Design Open Discussion – What Are Your Favorite Fonts?

This discussion is pretty cut and dry – name your favorite fonts and why you like them so much. Be as detailed as possible – for example, there are font families that I really enjoy, but only in certain weights. I highly encourage you to also post a link to a specimen of the font (FontShop is a good resource for font specimens). Feel free to post as many as you like – I am going to try to do something fun with the results, so get as many people involved in this as you can. In addition for those of you who do not know, the more people that you get involved by commenting, the more I donate to a good cause.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I will be keeping this post open for a couple weeks to get as many responses as possible. Honestly, I would like to get over 50 people’s responses to this question. Post earlier and post often!

Update: I have posted this discussion again this week in the hope that more folks respond – obviously, I feel far short of the amount of comments I was hoping to get. Please, if you have not yet put in your two cents, take the short time to do so.