Lessons Learned From an Almost-Wonderful Publishing Process

Roughly two years ago, I began the processs of blogging on this site in a very different manner than I had in the previous seven years. I turned my blog into an aggregator of various content that I posted elsewhere on the internet. This process has impacted not only how I published content, but how I interacted with other content online. There are plenty of lifestream/aggregation blogs on the web, but from what I have come across, I had carved out my own little unique process to quickly and easily generate content on my blog. It was that convenience that allowed me to overlook the litany of compromises to quality in the end product. My belief was that if I made it easy on myself, I ensured that I would post content more frequently which would provide value to readers. However, the process could often times not be so quick or easy and over the months it became clear that it was simply no longer worth the sacrifice in quality. The idea behind how I worked all these years still has merit and therefore I thought it would be worthwhile to share how I blogged these past two years, why it ultimately did not pan out and how I intend to move forward. Continue reading “Lessons Learned From an Almost-Wonderful Publishing Process”

A Better Web is Coming – Big Business Or Not

I read a very interesting article, Why the Semantic Web Will Fail, about one person’s thoughts on why the web will never reach its full potential due to the greed and short-sidedness of big business. The author makes some very good points in the article and it is quite compelling to read.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Semantic Web will never work because it depends on businesses working together, on them cooperating.

We are talking about the most conservative bunch of people in the world, people who believe in greed and cut-throat business ethics. People who would steal one another’s property if it weren’t nailed down. People like, well, Conrad Black and Rupert Murdoch.

And they’re all going to play nice and create one seamless Semantic Web that will work between companies – competing entities choreographing their responses so they can work together to grant you a seamless experience?

I think the author is right about one thing – big business is not a big fan of an open, sharing web and will fight it tooth and nail in the name of profit. My feeling however is that business really does not have a choice in the matter. The web is built on a very open, uncontrollable model – opening up infinite possibilities for individuals, competitors and or startups to ruin them in a heartbeat. The web is moving towards a more open model, like it or not. We do not rely on big business, big business relies on us. If corporations do not want to work in that model, all it takes is $15 for a domain name, $100 a month for hosting and word of mouth for some David to take down Goliath.
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