Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework

After an extremely long wait, the Layout Organizers I began working on so long ago has finally been released as a full-fledged library named coordy. The code and documentation has finally reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable offering it up to the public. The code is MIT licensed and begging to be used. Continue reading “Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework”

A Preview of 3d Layout Organizers

A while back, I published some work on AS3 layout organizers. The basic premise was to use virtual “containers” of a collection of DisplayObjects to create special layouts, such as a grid or ellipse. The project turned out to be quite enjoyable and I have used this library for almost every project I have worked on since I wrote it. With Flash 10’s introduction of 3d, it seemed appropriate to branch out these organizers into their 3d counterparts. In addition, I have spent a considerable amount of time re-writing a large portion of the core code to make it easier to use and more efficient. I was hoping to release the code in this post as well, but it just is not quite there yet. So, consider this a preview of the revamped library. Continue reading “A Preview of 3d Layout Organizers”

What Annoys You About Flash?

I spend a large majority of my work day working with or designing for Flash-based interfaces. Flash is essentially how I make a living on a daily basis. That said, there are many personal/philosophical issues I have with Flash on the web that I struggle with everyday I work with it. Flash has almost always been a divisive technology for the web community. Most people fall in either the love or hate camps with few not holding a strong opinion about it. I am planning to go into my thoughts about Flash – my likes, my dislikes and everything in between later this week. But first, I wanted to hear what your frustrations are with the experience of Flash on the web. Your thoughts can hit any subject – vague to specific. I just want to hear from the people whose opinions are the most important, the users.

Recently I posed the question to myself of how many sites I visit on a daily basis that use Flash. When I really thought about it, the answer really shocked me. I would love to hear if my personal experience mimics yours.

Your comments are going to greatly impact how I direct my article, so please lend me your thoughts.

Update: – You can now read what annoys me about Flash.

Actionscript 3 Layout Organizers Examples and Source Code

A while back, I posted a basic example of layout organizers and layout organizers applied to video. I kept talking about how cool I considered this idea to be, yet I had yet to truly explain the idea and (more importantly) the source code for people to download. I wanted to make sure the code was at a good spot before releasing it; I believe that is now the case. You will find examples, the basic gist on how it works and some possible reasons why layout organizers may just make your life easier.

Update: This code base has now been released under the name coordy. Read more.

Continue reading “Actionscript 3 Layout Organizers Examples and Source Code”