Flash, the iPad, He Said, She Said, the Frying Pan and the Fire

Even if the iPad is not a success, media producers are understanding the implications of using a technology that could be rendered lame almost overnight. It is as if in an instant the world saw what has been taking place for years; HTML/CSS/Javascript has been catching up to Flash – pushing it closer to being inessential. You cannot put the cat back into the bag. However, Apple is not to be applauded. They are upping the ante for how closed an experience can be for next-gen mobile devices. After the unveiling of the iPad we have heard sniping from both Adobe and Apple, however neither have the best interests of the public in mind. Continue reading “Flash, the iPad, He Said, She Said, the Frying Pan and the Fire”

Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework

After an extremely long wait, the Layout Organizers I began working on so long ago has finally been released as a full-fledged library named coordy. The code and documentation has finally reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable offering it up to the public. The code is MIT licensed and begging to be used. Continue reading “Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework”

Progress on the Layout Organizers Library

A long while back, I released a layout organizer library for Flash. The whole project was essentially an experiment-turned-released-code-collection and, as expected, there have been some growing pains going forward. I have been taking the time to rethink portions of the library and try to clean up and extend its functionality. One big push forward was the introduction of 3d layouts — however, it did not quite fit in with the prior structure. Well, I am very close to completing a fairly thorough rewrite of the library, which will be released in a less haphazard way. I have come to depend on this library for almost every project I have taken on — it just takes care of so much for you automatically. Continue reading “Progress on the Layout Organizers Library”