More Dreamweaver Regular Expressions

A while back I offered up a pack of Dreamweaver regular expressions for download. Well, I have been doing some significant front-end work lately which has required quite a bit of rewriting of old HTML to a more standards-centric foundation. During this process, I have been writing a few additional regular expressions (aka regexes). I was somewhat surprised by the level of interest in the original set of regexes so I thought it would be helpful to release an updated collection of regular expressions.
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Dreamweaver Regular Expressions Are Your Friend

I will be honest, I enjoy enjoyable work. Monotonous chores are a major turnoff. Like everyone else, I have had the displeasurable job to take nasty HTML and make it clean(er). There are a multitude of methods to accomplish this goal, but they basically fall into two camps: take the pre-existing code and clean it or start from scratch. Both are time-consuming as clearing out unnecessary tags and attributes can seemingly take a lifetime as can re-inputting all the information page per page. We should not have to do this, but it is a part of life. Instead of complaining, I decided to do something to help. Continue reading “Dreamweaver Regular Expressions Are Your Friend”