Design is Implicit Education

I played a lot of baseball in my youth. Through all the years I took the sport seriously, I had a pitching coach named Lefty. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was the best teacher I ever had. I remember at some point, he started helping me throw a slider. The slider is a tricky pitch. It’s the epitome of easy to learn, hard to master. The technique for throwing a slider isn’t hard to grasp, but it can be very easy to hang. After weeks of struggling with the slider on my own, Lefty was able to fix it with a single sentence. It amazes me to this day. Continue reading “Design is Implicit Education”

Designing Civic Engagement in the Classroom – Our Experiences

How can we get young adults interested in the civic space while better preparing them for life after graduation? I helped facilitate a project at USF which attempted to address these issues. Here’s our results.

This past January, Analisa Lono and myself facilitated a semester-long program at the University of San Francisco. We helped a student team design and build a mobile app aimed to help their local community. This experiment was one of the most challenging and gratifying experiences of my life. With the program now completed, we think this idea has real potential. I wanted to share the idea behind this project, how it worked and what we learned through the process.

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