Design Open Discussion – What is Your Design Style?

The topic is fairly straight-forward. Are you more digitally or traditionally inclined? Is there a genre that your work always seems to fit in? If you do not know what style you follow (if any), explain what direction your work leans towards. Please be descriptive and explain why you think you got there to begin with. I know it is a Friday and everybody’s head is already in the weekend, but if you could, spend a couple minutes and share your thoughts – this could be a fun one.

Design Open Discussion – Describe Your Process

Some Random Dude has been getting more and more participation in recent months, but it is still much lower than I would have hoped. I have said many times that the dialog that occurs on this site is the most important thing to me – I feel it ultimately creates the richest content on the site and allows myself (and hopefully others) to learn and grow a tremendous amount. The more I thought about this, the more it seemed obvious to have a segment that is participation-based. Therefore, I will be opening up an open discussion on a design-related topic at least once a month. I know there are a lot of readers out there that have yet to participate through commenting. My hope is that you will lurkers out there will start taking part in these dialogs and bring something special to the table.

So this discussion is all about process. What is your process? What do you consider important? What is all hype to you? What works well in school but just is not feasible in the real world? All genres of design are not only welcome, they are expected. I feel that there is going to be much more in common between different design disciplines than expected. There is no format to this – just communicate your thoughts and do it in the way you feel most comfortable (basic writing, diagrams, rhyme, etc.).

We look forward to hearing from you.