Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.

The big excerpt for this post.

A couple weeks ago, I abruptly altered the format in which I began to blog. For better or for worse, I have a history of doing things like this. A few years back, I transitioned from exclusively large-form writing to ultra-light content—often times limited to a single sentence. I was able to generate tons of content on a daily basis, but after years of pushing out content of this genre, I felt that the content being created was severely lacking in depth. So I have tried to find a good middle ground between extremely in-depth content that could take weeks or months to get out due to my schedule and quick, consistent yet shallow updates. In addition, I am really trying to get my own personal process in order rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets as I did in the past. I wanted to post this to both give you an insight as to what is around the corner as well as open the floor to see get your thoughts on this new content format. Continue reading “Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.”

Am I the Last Person to Hear About Tumblelogs?

In the last week or so, I have been hearing a lot about tumblelogs. The concept of the tumblelog has been around for quite a long time and I have seen many examples of sites that fit the bill. I have always liked the idea what is now called a tumblelog because the content is easily digestible and content is usually updated much more often. Ironically, this very blog has taken on tumbleblog-esque traits with smaller, daily posts to go along with a longer, more in depth weekly article.

What really interesting here is that there seems to be a trend moving in the short-format direction. In a sense, Twitter is the world’s large public tumblelog. This stream-of-consciousness style of writing is obviously less substantiative, but the format is quite beneficial in its own unique way to both the writer and reader. To the writer, with less time commitment for each post, there is more time to write many more articles during the same span of time. More topics can be covered and current events can be touched on much more quickly. For the readers, they can get the gist of potentially many different topics and then go elsewhere for more in-depth content if they so desire.

The differences in format between blogs and tumblelogs could potentially create a strong symbiotic relationship between the two. Long format, in-depth blog articles are always going to be necessary for readers to get a thorough understanding of a concept or opinion. Still, many people many not be willing to commit to such long articles for various reasons. Tumblelog formats have the potential to whet the appetite of an otherwise unwilling audience. I myself would like to incorporate even more small-format content into this blog – I mean, who has time to read my long, boring articles?