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In Defense of Hard

This post was originally posted on the Adaptive Path blog.

The permeation of software in society has given everyone the opportunity to do what only professionals were capable of in years past. The web has only accelerated its progression. There are whole new segments of the population who are now frequently publishing their writing, editing video, and processing photos, among other things. The problem, however, is that to meet the needs of this new untrained audience, the methods of interaction have been over-simplified in the process. Instead of bringing everyone up to a higher proficiency, this is dragging everyone down, including professionals, to a lower state. Superficially designed products create superficial understandings of the subject matter. Expect more of your audience, give them a good reason why it is worth their time, and you will have a better audience as well as a better product.

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Powering Our Mobile Devices With Wind

AERO E Energy4

The AERO E concept by Lance Cassidy is another great ideation on how to use micro power generation to charge our mobile devices. This approach may be a little more engaging than others, but it is in a long line of important steps to pull our less energy-demanding devices off the grid. An example that comes to mind which is actually in store shelves is Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard. Read On…