An Interview on Web Trends from Fadtastic

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Fadtastic about my thoughts on web design and its trends. I actually found the interview process to be quite educational as it really forced me to sit down and think about certain issues in order to come to a conclusion of what my opinion really is. Since not all my answers were posted, I thought I would post my entire interview.

Once again, I would really like to thank the folks at Fadtastic for the great opportunity. On a side note, I will begin contributing to Fadtastic with articles every now and then – I am looking forward to writing in a new arena.
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Web Designer – No Experience Needed

My next few articles will be discussing my thoughts on the current trends and state of design on the web. I hold no illusion that my opinions on this topic should be taken as absolute. However, my feeling is, the more discourse, the better.

I stumbled upon this site via Firewheel that seemed to be a great prelude to my near-future writings. Indeed, the get-rich-quick scheme has laid its larva into the unsuspecting gut of graphic design. Or to use their own words:

Make $1,000 A Day In The “Hidden” Desktop Design Market

Yes, now everyone can be a graphic designer and make a hell of a lot more money than the people who actually do it for a living. This is one of the quintessential problems of design on the internet; everyone is a web designer – therefore no one is. In my opinion, this open, all-inclusive vocation needs a small dose of intellectual elitism. It is true that anyone can design a site, but not everyone can do it well. Continue reading “Web Designer – No Experience Needed”