DRAG-ing Your Design Down – How To Style Yourself To Anonymity

Have you seen that site with the pretty gradients and the rounded corners with cute drop-shadows? You know, that one that looks all slick and shiny? I bet you have. The problem is, all of us are thinking of a different one. Why? Because there are, oh, about a million of them out there. I have no doubt that there will be a few of you out there that will like me even less after this article. I have pretty much accepted that.

The internet is in a bit of a design rut. We have fallen in love with a particular visual style and we just will not let it go. Everywhere you turn there is a gradient. Drop-shadows are surrounding us. We are pinned down by rounded corners. This, my friends (and soon-to-be enemies), is a perfect example of how trends can show their ugly side. I am writing this article to ask if we are interested in designing websites or just decorating them. If we are in fact interested in the former, perhaps we should think twice about we are doing. Continue reading “DRAG-ing Your Design Down – How To Style Yourself To Anonymity”

Differentiating Between Web Craft and Web Design

I do not think it will be argued against too much if I contend that most of the web design blogosphere spends the majority of its articles on how to put websites together. We have a plethora of CSS, HTML and Javascript tutorials on the internet, but, as Andy Rutledge points out, the same cannot be said about design topics. Granted, both facets are very important, but we cannot begin to mistake one for the other. There is web design and there is web craft; two equally important pieces to the end goal, but nonetheless separate pieces. Continue reading “Differentiating Between Web Craft and Web Design”