Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.

The big excerpt for this post.

A couple weeks ago, I abruptly altered the format in which I began to blog. For better or for worse, I have a history of doing things like this. A few years back, I transitioned from exclusively large-form writing to ultra-light content—often times limited to a single sentence. I was able to generate tons of content on a daily basis, but after years of pushing out content of this genre, I felt that the content being created was severely lacking in depth. So I have tried to find a good middle ground between extremely in-depth content that could take weeks or months to get out due to my schedule and quick, consistent yet shallow updates. In addition, I am really trying to get my own personal process in order rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets as I did in the past. I wanted to post this to both give you an insight as to what is around the corner as well as open the floor to see get your thoughts on this new content format. Continue reading “Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.”

Lessons Learned From an Almost-Wonderful Publishing Process

Roughly two years ago, I began the processs of blogging on this site in a very different manner than I had in the previous seven years. I turned my blog into an aggregator of various content that I posted elsewhere on the internet. This process has impacted not only how I published content, but how I interacted with other content online. There are plenty of lifestream/aggregation blogs on the web, but from what I have come across, I had carved out my own little unique process to quickly and easily generate content on my blog. It was that convenience that allowed me to overlook the litany of compromises to quality in the end product. My belief was that if I made it easy on myself, I ensured that I would post content more frequently which would provide value to readers. However, the process could often times not be so quick or easy and over the months it became clear that it was simply no longer worth the sacrifice in quality. The idea behind how I worked all these years still has merit and therefore I thought it would be worthwhile to share how I blogged these past two years, why it ultimately did not pan out and how I intend to move forward. Continue reading “Lessons Learned From an Almost-Wonderful Publishing Process”

Click Here – The Story of Three Buttons

I have been a little obsessive about my blog in the last couple months. I have not had the time to actually write on this site, but that has not stopped me from putting serious thought into it. To be honest, if I took all the time I spend looking through various analytics, I could likely squeeze out an article or two — but I have a feeling I am not alone in this situation. I wrote earlier that I have been spending a lot of effort and screen real-estate to get people to subscribe to my RSS feed. This site’s traffic is very bi-polar — for the last 4 months, it has either been at a snail’s pace or at a server-crushing, breakneck speed. I would prefer to have less of the ups and downs and have more of a reliable readership. After I began to track clicks on specific buttons, I realized just how poorly my click-rate was for my RSS links. This is where the story begins.

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Things I Have Learned About SRD So Far.

I mentioned a while back that I would be writing on the process of improving this site. Up until this point, I have been making small, incremental changes throughout the site to see if they would impact key traffic metrics. My goal was to set up some A/B testing scenarios on my blog, but performing tests on anything but the most superficial of elements proved to be disruptive. I then decided to move to Plan B and implement custom event tracking with Google Analytics. In short, the results have not only been revealing, but unexpected. I always knew in a theoretical level how important deriving empirical data was in order to justify a design, but soon after I began to observe detailed click patters, that opinion became concrete. If I was writing my Golden Rules of Site Redesign article today, it may be a little different. Continue reading “Things I Have Learned About SRD So Far.”

Evolving Some Random Dude. An Experiment.

I have a lot of opinions on how websites, specifically blogs, should work. If you talk to my friends/colleagues, they would likely complain at how much I talk about it. Oddly, I rarely, if ever write about these thoughts on this blog. More to the point, I rarely write about anything. So that is going to change. I am committing to writing what I hope to be quality content on a variety of subjects, one of which being how I think one should grow a website/blog. In the process, I am going to see if my theories hash out. If I am right, awesome. If not, well, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to tell me how and why I got it all wrong. Continue reading “Evolving Some Random Dude. An Experiment.”