Powering Our Mobile Devices With Wind

AERO E Energy4

The AERO E concept by Lance Cassidy is another great ideation on how to use micro power generation to charge our mobile devices. This approach may be a little more engaging than others, but it is in a long line of important steps to pull our less energy-demanding devices off the grid. An example that comes to mind which is actually in store shelves is Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard. Continue reading “Powering Our Mobile Devices With Wind”

Play a Game Where Making Ends Meet is a Victory

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Using games to educate is as old as humanity. As video games continue to take over media (the gaming industry has been out-earning Hollywood for years) people such as Jane McGonigal consider it imperative to use gaming as an educational and problem-solving platform. A recently well-executed example of this is Spent which was created in partnership by McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham. The game challenges you to live on $1000 a month on the premise that you have no savings. The game’s metrics and “rules” are based on empirical data from U.S. low-income living. Playing the game makes it clearly evident that the notion of pulling yourself up from your bootstraps is often times more rhetoric than reality. Continue reading “Play a Game Where Making Ends Meet is a Victory”

Read While You Walk (Safely)

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It’s the simple things…

MegaReader (iTunes link) now takes advantage of the iPhone’s rear-facing camera to display what is in front of someone while their eyeballs are fixed on their phone. They released a humorous video giving a basic demonstration of how it works. This type of feature is good for everyone, including those who do not even own iPhones.

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Digitizing the Doodle

If you are like me, you sketch or write notes on various notebooks in a non-linear manner. One page could be a random idea, the next could be work-related, the next could be a list of things I need to do. Due to my haphazard method of using a notebook, it makes it jumbled and often times filled with content that is useless in a day (or less). That is what makes me really like what I see from NoteSlate. It is relatively cheap ($100, or about the equivalent of 5 large Moleskines.

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Creating a More Conversational Online Landscape

As you may have read, I am very interested in improving the way we create, distribute and interact with content online &mdash especially pertaining to the content of ideas and concepts. So much of the effort during the blogging and Web2.0 explosion was focused on empowering the individual to create and share content. Just think of YouTube’s tagline, Broadcast Yourself. What excites me is that there are a plethora of startups focusing on the facilitation of creating rather than broadcasting of the created.

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The New and the Old, Working Side by Side

I know there are a lot of visual tools on the iPad to make music, but Konkreet Performer by Konkreet Labs really caught my attention.

Taking full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest multi-touch technology, Konkreet Performer delivers a revolutionary new way to control your DAWs, synthesizers, samplers (anything that receives MIDI/OSC).

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Your Future Hard Drive in a Petri Dish

E coli

Scientists have talked about using organic material to run computing devices for years, but I had never heard of using bacteria for storage. Additionally, I never thought it would have so many potential upsides. First, scientists postulate that one gram of bacteria could store the equivalent of 450, 2,000 gigabyte hard disks (or 9,000 terabytes of data). What is even more interesting to me though is how it could improve data security.

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