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Powering Our Mobile Devices With Wind

AERO E Energy4

The AERO E concept by Lance Cassidy is another great ideation on how to use micro power generation to charge our mobile devices. This approach may be a little more engaging than others, but it is in a long line of important steps to pull our less energy-demanding devices off the grid. An example that comes to mind which is actually in store shelves is Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard. Read On…

Play a Game Where Making Ends Meet is a Victory

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Using games to educate is as old as humanity. As video games continue to take over media (the gaming industry has been out-earning Hollywood for years) people such as Jane McGonigal consider it imperative to use gaming as an educational and problem-solving platform. A recently well-executed example of this is Spent which was created in partnership by McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham. The game challenges you to live on $1000 a month on the premise that you have no savings. The game’s metrics and “rules” are based on empirical data from U.S. low-income living. Playing the game makes it clearly evident that the notion of pulling yourself up from your bootstraps is often times more rhetoric than reality. Read On…