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Introducing Frank

It has been a long time coming. The WordPress theme running this site, which I have named Frank, is now officially available to use. The theme has been available for some time now, but it was not up to snuff for public use. However, I made serious push in the last two weeks and I feel confident it’s ready to go. This release is a big milestone because it signifies making good on a promise I made over 3 years ago to release all work for this site as open source. That promise brought about projects like Iconic, Cue, Off Franklin and coordy. The biggest project however, and the one I am most happy to give away, is the actual site I use to publish my work. Read On…

Some Random Dude is Now (More) Responsive

In the past two weeks, I was able to update this site (and more importantly, the open source theme behind it) to have a responsive layout. This was the last big hurdle for me to get a final-ish version of the theme out the door.

There are still small issues that need to be addressed, but this was the big one. The next goal is to get a project page up along with some simple starting guides, take a breath and see where the project goes from there. My current site is still imperfect, but I consider it to be a good reflection of how I view responsive web design. As I mentioned in an recently, responsive web design goes beyond a responsive layout. Our designs need to address limited bandwidth and processing power associated with mobile devices.

My hope is this theme will continue to improve so that it can provide a viable option for bloggers who provide a fast, reading-centric experience for their visitors. Due to my limited schedule however, I need to rely on the community to help me push this project forward. If you have enjoyed this site and/or you would like to use this theme, I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to help make it better for everyone else. So please, fork this theme and get in touch with me if you are interesting in contributing.

Plone Conference Presentation

I wanted to share the deck from the presentation I gave last week at Plone Conference 2011. I had a wonderful time giving it — the conference organizers were great along with the audience being warm and welcoming. Some really good conversations came out after the talk. I wish I could have stayed there for another two hours just listening and sharing with the crowd. Read On…

The Guardian Opens Up Their News Cycle

About a year ago, I wrote about the state of online content publishing and how we need to expand our definition of sharing around our content. Most of the article revolved around what happened after a piece of content was published and how a piece of content could collaboratively grow over time. After I finished that article, I began to execute some ideas in this space, most notably experimenting with opening the writing/editorial process to the public prior to publishing (see example). I tried this three separate times and they were far more successful than I imagined they would be. I had planned to write more about this idea at some point in the future, but time has been in short supply. Read On…