Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons

Well, that didn’t take long…

Less than two weeks ago, I updated Iconic with 18 new icons. I have had some time on my hands as of late, so I was able to add another 22 icons to the collection. This update includes bars (for charts or mobile coverage), alternate documents, upload/download, cloud upload download, a pilcrow, microphone, award, aperture and a few others. Most notably, I finally was able to get a camera icon that was decent. Continue reading “Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons”

An Iconic Update

It has been a while since I have had time to work on personal projects. In between all the madness, I had been working on some new icons for the Iconic set and I finally got to roll them out. There are 18 new icons, which brings the total up to 154. This update includes brushes, layers, an ampersand, pie charts, a list, another version of a comment, an umbrella and a few others. The set is still missing some relatively important glyphs, but I am still quite happy with how many icons have been created for it. Continue reading “An Iconic Update”

Apologies For the Downtime

It has been a while since the last post around here, I wanted to give a quick update that my negligence is due to some family emergencies that have been taking a significant amount of my time and energy. I am not out of the weeds just yet, so it may be another week until I begin posting again with some frequency. However, I want to clearly communicate that this silence is a short term issue and I will be back and posting sooner you (or I for that matter) will know it.

Here’s to a return to normality. See you soon.

Making Franklin Street Happen

When I first relaunched Some Random Dude, which feels like eons ago, I made the big promise that I was going to release everything I made as open source. That idea is still very important to me, but it has literally been years and I still haven’t released a fully-completed release. I could go on for paragraphs on the significantly understandable reasons why that has happened, but neither you nor I care. What is important to note was that I wanted to release something that people would find useful and easy to use. This essentially put me in the corner of making two themes – one for my personal use and one for public use. This was a nightmare. So, a year or so ago, I toned it down and made my own site less code-bloaty in the hope that it would finally get me to the point where i could proudly release the theme. Well, that didn’t work either. The truth is, I just can’t make a theme that I can use and a separate theme that you can use. This by no means has deterred me from releasing my theme, I am just going down a different route with significantly less resistance. Continue reading “Making Franklin Street Happen”

Some Random Dude Has Advertising (And Why That's a Good Thing)

This has been a long time coming, but Some Random Dude is now running advertisements. I am pleased to write that I have joined the InfluAds network as one of their community members. You have probably already noticed the difference on the site in the promotional area. I am still working out some details on the placement, but this is pretty much how the site will look for a while. I have written about my concerns with online advertising, even though I acknowledge its necessity. That said, I have been wanting to be a part of an ad network for almost the same amount of time. I feel I will have a much better understanding of advertising if I actually advertised on my site. Up until this point however, there wasn’t a sweet enough of a deal to get me to actually bite. I think this will actually be the one that works though. Continue reading “Some Random Dude Has Advertising (And Why That's a Good Thing)”

More Iconic Updates

While it may look like not too much is going on at this site, there’s actually a lot of very small things happening. I have not had the time to devote to a full article (although I have my next big article about 50% written) but I have been working on a refresh of the site as well as releasing a small update to Iconic. The last significant update was when I simultaneously wrote about using embedded fonts for icons and added a font face to the Iconic download. As new icons come to mind or are recommended, I try to add to the set. I have had the chance to grow the collection by three new icons (one with two styles). Continue reading “More Iconic Updates”

Iconic and Off Franklin Get Updates

I have been sitting on these updates for a few days, but I needed some time to get them ready for release. Iconic now has 6 new icons and Off Franklin has a decent number of new features and fixes. The two offerings have begun to mature and I hope to improve upon them in the coming months. It is extremely important that everything on this site is not just offered up to the public, but offered up as high-quality products that are worth releasing. Details on the updates are below the fold. Continue reading “Iconic and Off Franklin Get Updates”

New Beginnings

Since sometime in 2007, I have had the fortune to be self-employed. The process was at first frightening, quickly evolved into empowering and eventually phased into a quite comfortable space. Like all things, the work had its ups and downs, but when everything was added up, it definitely netted positive. If you asked me a few months ago if I saw myself moving back into an employed role, I would have laughed it off. Things change. Continue reading “New Beginnings”

New Icons To Ring in the New Year

I have been overly silent since the end of 2009, merely alluding to some changes on this blog. My goal, which will become more clear in the coming weeks, is to devote considerable time thinking on how to improve this site — and then actually do it. One of my main goals is to make good on my promise to release all the work used to create this site — a task I naively thought would not take that much effort to do. However, a promise is a promise.

During this holiday break, I took out a substantial amount of time to finalize and package up the icon set used for this blog under the (perhaps overly pretentious) name Iconic. The icon set comes in both vector and raster formats (SVG/PNG), includes 13 different colors and 5 different sizes (for the raster icons). Ironically, designing the icons was the easy part — actually getting them ready for you took all the time. Check out the icons below the fold. Continue reading “New Icons To Ring in the New Year”