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Finished. Time To Start Over.

For the past year on this blog, I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the design and development of this blog. In many ways, the new direction of the blog was an amazing success. The blog has been updated literally thousands of times with all different kinds of content. The decentralized manner of publishing turned my everyday routines into a form of blogging. However, during same year, I have written a grand total of 18 actual long-form articles. Of those 18, perhaps 10 were no related to the theme development or why I was not actually writing. I knew quickly after the redesign that I missed the mark in a few ways – in one way or another, I have been working on fixing those issues. I believe that those are behind me now with this current revision. This theme has been released in a more generic form which fulfills the promise I made just about one year ago to this day. Which leads me to my next “project”. I want to turn this blog around in a big way. I am aiming to get some serious readership and some serious conversations back on this site. I want to go about doing this in a fairly naive/idealogical manner and I am planning to write extensively about it.
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NPR’s "The Art of Eric Carle"

I recently came across a segment on NPR where they interviewed Eric Carle, the famous children’s book designer. Carle became well known for his style of using colored paper to piece together colorful and elaborate illustrations. Various techniques are used to create vastly different looks – the work is quite amazing.

In a time where many of us (including myself) use computers as the sole device for creative production, I find it very grounding to see how much can be done off a computer that would be unbelievably time-consuming to produce on a computer. Perhaps now is the time to ditch your desktop/laptop for just a few minutes (I know, it’s scary) to play with some pencils and/or crayons. Who knows, it might even be more fun than the carpal-tunnel-producing, eye-strain-creating fun box known as your computer.