Frank 0.10.0 is coming

Frank 0.10.0 is in the works and it marks a pretty considerable shift from prior releases. The upcoming version has removed quite a few features to focus entirely on the reading experience. The 0.10.0 release will have less widget areas, no JavaScript components and a single template for the home page.

There are three reasons why I’m doing this. First, the primary goal of Frank is to be as fast as possible. By removing these features, I’ve been able to cut the CSS file by 25% (~27Kb uncompressed, ~16Kb compressed, ~4.5Kb compressed and gzipped). For most sites, removing features like these for roughly 9Kb would be extreme, but that’s kind of the point of Frank—extreme speed.

The second reason is that by removing these extra features, it makes the code far more maintainable for me to continue pushing this project forward. Time is so scarce at this point that I need to set this project up for success. This step helps.

The last reason is that I am hoping to port Frank over to Ghost when it’s released. I’m uncertain how much effort this will take, but the less code I need to move over, the easier it should be.

The other big effort for Frank 0.10.0 was to improve the reading experience. I don’t have screenshots yet, but I am pretty convinced that the new version will be much easier on the eyes.

My goal is to have 0.10.0 ready in the next few weeks. I should have a more accurate data in the days to come.

8 thoughts on “Frank 0.10.0 is coming”

  1. The best news ever! Speed and better reading experience are what I imagine the world needs just now.

    BTW. That’s also what Apple is doing with iOS 7. Focusing on textual readability and as alway, speed.

    I wish you the best, my WP hero!

  2. Hi there.

    First, I’d like to thank you for this wonderful theme. It’s minimal and fast – and if you’re going to get it light speed, well… can’t wait.

    Now, some doubts.
    – Responsive video: it seems to have a problem. I tested it on several mobile browsers and it doesn’t work. Anything I can do for it to work?
    – Ghost: do you know when ir will be ready? They never sent any info about it…


    1. @carlos: I’m still trying to address responsive video without resorting to Javascript. This may be something that people can manually add on as necessary.

      As for Ghost, once we have access to the platform, we’ll start working on it. I’d like to get the WP theme complete before moving on to the Ghost theme though.

  3. Whenever I’m checking themes made by others, Frank is my unfair yardstick. “Well, did they really need to call this script? And did they really have to separate their css into 10 files?”. Great work P.J., now I guess it becomes even more unfair to others ;P

    I had not heard about Ghost yet and it sounds great, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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