Frank 0.9.2 Released

It’s been a long time coming, but the next version of Frank has been released. This is a significant update and is intended to set the stage for the foreseeable future releases. Perhaps the biggest change is the Frank project repo now only contains the main parent theme. Frank for Some Random Dude, its child theme, now exists at This may cause some initial confusion, but it will make everyone’s lives better in the long-term.

I am particularly happy to get 0.9.2 out because it finally frees us up to start working on 0.9.3 which is going to be a lot of fun. The theme for 0.9.3 is automation. We will be using Grunt to make theme setup, development and deployment more streamlined. We’ve already been picking away at it, but we’ll finally be able to dig into it with our entire focus.

Here’s the full list of changes for 0.9.2:

  • Broke up the repository into two separate repos.
  • Cleaned up the repo dramatically
  • Added option to remove version URL parameter to enqueued scripts
  • Added option to remove version URL parameter to enqueued styles
  • Added option to remove WordPress version meta tag
  • Converted main content div to the ‘main’ tag
  • Fixed 404 template
  • Added individual IDs for comments
  • Made comments count in sidebar a link
  • Fixed font size for unordered list within 3-up view
  • Fixed pagination margins
  • Fixed list line-height in content section UI
  • Improved structure and organization of SCSS/CSS
  • Increased optimization of SCSS/CSS
  • Broke up global.scss into smaller modules
  • Text input placeholder replacements for IE
  • Made the removal of script/style version URL parameter optional
  • Moved core Javascript into parent theme (not included by default)
  • Added simple image deferring Javascript (not included by default)
  • Added French translation
  • Added Polish translation

6 thoughts on “Frank 0.9.2 Released”

  1. Hi random dude,

    I was looking everyday at your twitter account for news about Frank. I love the speed and performance of frank. Everybody should use this theme as a starting point. Thank you very much.


  2. Congratulation!

    I’m waiting for my webmaster to update. First my “iakttakelser” and then we move our “Mediterranean pearl” in the end of next week.

    Beside the fantastic speed, your minimal WP theme makes it even easier to make changes. I, who are not a WP programmer at all, has even madea child theme. Sure, it is the simplest child theme in the world – one with orange links, but that’s what I wanted. So for me, you’ve taken away a lot of the overwhelming complexity of WP!

    But the programming environment is still too daunting for me. All this compilation of CSS etc. stuff are a real hurdle. I wish you had assistants that could just set up a Mac for Frank programming!

    I’m looking forward to the incorporation of TypePlate, which you hinted would come in 0.9.4.

    Again, thanks a lot. I really see Frank as one of the best hopes to keep the web usable on mobile devices!


  3. Hi!,

    can i use this theme for me or my client without any credit link in the footer? and is it legal to remove this info?



    1. The parent theme Frank doesn’t need any attribution, but the child theme Frank for Some Random Dude does. So if you’re just using Frank, no credit needed.

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