New Flick Icons for Cue

I designed Cue, a gesture icon system, to satisfy a mental itch. However, it has been flattering and exciting to see people actually using the system in their daily work. Now that this icon set is no longer just a pet project, I want to be aware of its shortcomings so it can continue to be useful. One of the most requested additions is a “flick” icon. I intentionally withheld designing a flick gesture because I have always been a little fuzzy as how it differed from a swipe gesture. I understand how it differs in “feel”, but I always got tripped up determining the technical differences of a flick and a swipe.

To be honest, I am still a little fuzzy on it and it seems like I am not alone. However, I asked for some guidance on Twitter and got two similar and logical definitions. Which led me to this most recent update.

The arrow on each gesture has always signified motion of the finger while maintaining contact with a surface. The flick has a portion of its gesture off of the surface. Therefore, the arrow needs to communicate something different. To do this, I removed the “backbone” of the arrow. In doing so, the arrow is not anchored but direction is still implied.

I would be curious to hear what any of you think about this new icon. The new gesture, along with the rest of the rest, is available for download. I hope the icons prove useful.

3 thoughts on “New Flick Icons for Cue”

  1. I like. An alternative design might be a single arrow with a single, *curved* backbone? The curve would be like a smiley face – slightly up and to the left. It would imply swiping and then moving “off” the surface at the end.

    It could be confusing in that it might imply swiping and maintaining contact with the surface and swiping toward the top of the screen instead of “off” of the screen – but potentially no more confusing than the backbone-less double arrow which to me seems to imply swiping quickly to the right twice.

    Keep up the great work – I love your finger tips over the full finger/hand gestures.

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