Another Iconic Update, 22 More Icons

Well, that didn’t take long…

Less than two weeks ago, I updated Iconic with 18 new icons. I have had some time on my hands as of late, so I was able to add another 22 icons to the collection. This update includes bars (for charts or mobile coverage), alternate documents, upload/download, cloud upload download, a pilcrow, microphone, award, aperture and a few others. Most notably, I finally was able to get a camera icon that was decent.

The set is now up to 177 icons. I will continue to create icons as it makes sense, but this recent addition took care of all the pressing additions on the list. Some icons that have been suggested just do not seem possible given the grid used for this set. That said, I continue to give them a shot from time to time. Depending on how the next few weeks treat me, the set may break into the 180’s soon enough.

Go download the updated set.

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