An Iconic Update

It has been a while since I have had time to work on personal projects. In between all the madness, I had been working on some new icons for the Iconic set and I finally got to roll them out. There are 18 new icons, which brings the total up to 154. This update includes brushes, layers, an ampersand, pie charts, a list, another version of a comment, an umbrella and a few others. The set is still missing some relatively important glyphs, but I am still quite happy with how many icons have been created for it.

New Icons

As an aside, I am having a hard time designing certain forms, most notably the camera. Iconic is designed with an 8×8 grid that I try to fanatically follow. The whole premise behind that decision was that it would lead to icons which would be legible at extremely small sizes. This makes detailed icons quite difficult and has a lot to do with the “chunky” feel of the icons. Honestly, I find the challenge of working within such tight constraints to be quite enjoyable. It forces the design to be as stripped down as possible and it is a great deterrent from me “noodling” on paths for hours on end.

I would love to see the set break past 200 icons at some point this year, although that will likely be a challenge. However, the volume of icons is causing a separate issue — processing time and file size. I had to remove the Omnigraffle stencil from the collection as it was ballooning the final download to well over 20Mb. Given the number of downloads this set gets a month, it was beginning to create a sizable Amazon S3 bill. So as the number of icons goes up, I may need to remove certain colors and sizes. I would love to get your feedback on this.

10 thoughts on “An Iconic Update”

  1. Give me these plus The Noun Project and I’m a happy man. Maybe some contributions are in order… ( Thanks, by the way, for the awesome selection!)

  2. I like the Iconic icon set, I like how they are simple and readable at any size, while going well with any color as background or foreground. Unfortunately, I still didn’t design any new website since I discovered this, some days ago, but I’ll try to use these icons on the next website or application I create.

    You talk about your S3 bill… May I ask you how many bandwidth are the downloads of the icons taking per month? I got a stable, spare server with 1TB/month of bandwidth which never gets used (I rarely use 1GB!), so perhaps that server could act as a secondary download mirror for your icons. I wouldn’t charge anything because as I said, that 1TB of bandwidth never gets used.
    If you’re interested, contact me 🙂

  3. Hi there, I love this icon set!

    If bandwidth is starting to be a concern, I would consider moving it to somewhere else.

    You can probably store all your files on github or google code without much of a hassle.

    This said, do you accept contributions?

  4. Why don’t you host your project.on, it will lessen your amazon bill. I love your work and its awesome, many.thanks

  5. Thanks for making iconic free. Do you have a “key” of any sort available. i.e. something that tells me what letter = what symbol. I think I tried every button on my keyboard but I still can’t find the paintbrush.

    On a different note, the link to the demo for your Franklin Street theme isn’t working.

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