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MITMediaLab The 3

As you have probably seen by now, the renowned MIT Media Lab has a new identity system designed by Richard The and E Roon Kang. The visual design in this project takes a back seat to the actual system created for it. Richard The explains:

The logo is based on a visual system, an algorithm that produces a unique logo for each person, for faculty, staff and students. Each person can claim and own an individual shape and can use it on their business card a personal website. The design encompasses all collateral, business cards, letterhead, website, animations, signage etc. A custom web interface was developed to allow each person at the Media Lab to choose and claim an own individual logo for his/her business card, as well as a custom animation software which allows to create custom animations for any video content the lab produces.

As is evident from the image below, the logo takes on a very distinct feel in each of its different realizations, while still staying ultimately consistent..

ML ID 08 all var

As soon as I saw this project, I was immediately reminded of the Visit Nordkyn design by Neue. I love the trend of designers creating systems which in turn create systems. From my perspective, the real beauty of the MIT identity is the underlying organization and mechanisms thought up to generate the final product.

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