Powering Our Mobile Devices With Wind

AERO E Energy4

The AERO E concept by Lance Cassidy is another great ideation on how to use micro power generation to charge our mobile devices. This approach may be a little more engaging than others, but it is in a long line of important steps to pull our less energy-demanding devices off the grid. An example that comes to mind which is actually in store shelves is Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard.

What I like about Cassidy’s design in particular is just how different the approach is from many other things we have been seeing lately. Of course, that’s the wonderful freedom of conceptual work—but things like this open up the windows to let in some fresh air in this space. Solar seems to have been the go-to energy source for these types of endeavors to date. I am glad to see some creative ways to provide solutions for alternative alternative energies.

via The Next Web

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