Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.

The big excerpt for this post.

A couple weeks ago, I abruptly altered the format in which I began to blog. For better or for worse, I have a history of doing things like this. A few years back, I transitioned from exclusively large-form writing to ultra-light content—often times limited to a single sentence. I was able to generate tons of content on a daily basis, but after years of pushing out content of this genre, I felt that the content being created was severely lacking in depth. So I have tried to find a good middle ground between extremely in-depth content that could take weeks or months to get out due to my schedule and quick, consistent yet shallow updates. In addition, I am really trying to get my own personal process in order rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets as I did in the past. I wanted to post this to both give you an insight as to what is around the corner as well as open the floor to see get your thoughts on this new content format.

I am working with a colleague to finally finish up the new design I have been talking about since forever. The whole design will be wrapped up as an open-source WordPress theme and will be available on Github for public use. This new theme will open up a huge chunk of time that I have been devoting to getting this off my back. I plan to fully devote that time towards more quality writing. In addition, I am working on getting my life a bit more organized and structured so that I have time at least three days a week to spend writing. I have also ridded myself of Mint for the last time. That application sucked so many hours out of my life that I find it embarrassing to even think about it. These actions should ensure a higher level of quality and consistency for writing. There has not been a deficit in ideas, just a deficit in time. Lastly, I have a pretty interesting idea for how to collaboratively write long-form content. I should have more about that in the next few weeks.

As for the new way of writing, I am curious what you thought of it, if you even noticed it at all. I would love to hear if you found it more useful to have a level of observation added to each post or if you didn’t mind just having content simply reference other work. I’d really like to see this post to generate a discussion as to what you would find helpful from this blog and what you would expect to see in the weeks/months to come.

6 thoughts on “Next Steps for This Blog. Please Chime In.”

  1. I like all your output for example your image posts are always well chosen.

    The problem in general is that there is so much content being generated that people are hitting overload. I know personally I am – by the time I’ve read my incoming tweets my google reader has 20 new posts, and vice-versa.

    A well considered blog post always imparts a lot more info than a tweet or link. So maybe split your output into blog posts on your blog, links on twitter, images on tumblr etc? Or keep the combined feed while allowing people to choose just the blog posts or the entirety.

  2. @felix – Yeah, I completely agree. I will be trying to output less but create more value from it. I am trying to think of the new format as a distillery.

    @pablo – Another really good point. I may divert some of that very small content straight to my Tumblr site. It will be an interesting evolution.

  3. Hmm, I really like this blog, as I find every video / link / image really interesting. I don’t mind the lack of added value, I just like a lot of the things you recommend. Not everything requires additional comment and I hope that in your reorganisation, you don’t stop sharing all the little bits and pieces that you often post.

  4. I enjoy the bits and pieces, and I also enjoy the longer form content. (It’s hard to find a consistently good source of longer form content, so be sure not to give that up!)
    One option would be to separate out the subscription options, so that readers can choose to either subscribe to just the short stuff, just the long stuff, or both.
    That way, you can create whatever type of content you want, and users won’t be overwhelmed by content that they’re not interested in.

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