Digitizing the Doodle

If you are like me, you sketch or write notes on various notebooks in a non-linear manner. One page could be a random idea, the next could be work-related, the next could be a list of things I need to do. Due to my haphazard method of using a notebook, it makes it jumbled and often times filled with content that is useless in a day (or less). That is what makes me really like what I see from NoteSlate. It is relatively cheap ($100, or about the equivalent of 5 large Moleskines.

NoteSlate white

The stylus is quite similar to your ordinary pen/pencil (unlike the nubby iPad styluses I have seen) and you can save all your sketches to an SD card. The problem is, it’s just another device that needs to be carried around and charged (although the NoteSlate uses an e-ink screen, likely meaning very good battery life). If you are in the habit of keeping your devices’ batteries full, you should be fine. If not, paper and pencil begins to look really convenient…

Penultimate by Cocoa Box (iTunes link) is a great option for those who already have an iPad.

Mzl axrvsiqi 480x480 75

That said, an iPad seems less of a replacement to your Moleskin due to its sheer weight. The iPad is a great general-purpose tablet, but I see a lot of room for something that focuses on handling writing/sketching very well. What I would love to see is a cheap, dedicated sketching device along the lines of the NoteSlate that could fit in your back pocket — not unlike the pocket-sized Moleskin.

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