Iconic and Off Franklin Get Updates

I have been sitting on these updates for a few days, but I needed some time to get them ready for release. Iconic now has 6 new icons and Off Franklin has a decent number of new features and fixes. The two offerings have begun to mature and I hope to improve upon them in the coming months. It is extremely important that everything on this site is not just offered up to the public, but offered up as high-quality products that are worth releasing. Details on the updates are below the fold.

First, Iconic. This icon set continues to grow far larger than I ever expected it. The set started at 96 icons and has ballooned to 120. This new release has added the following icons: Info, at symbol, star, dial and two versions of loop. I continue to think that the set has reached its natural conclusion with each subsequent release. I will refrain from making that assumption due to plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Here is a quick preview of the six icons:

iconic updates

Off Franklin took a little more time. Posting updates to your Tumblr themes could use some work. I have posted some updates that have gone through and some that have not gone through. The real problem from my perspective is that it goes into a black hole. No notifications for success of failure. That is why I waited until today to post these updates — just to make sure the Tumblr theme actually updated in their system. The updates for Off Franklin are listed below:

Static page support
This feature was obvious. Thank you everyone that emailed me about this — I frankly did not even know the feature existed.
Un-sticky the sticky footer
Don’t want to persistent bar for pagination? Done. By toggling off that option, the sticky footer shows up below the main footer. Congratulations, you now have a footer for your footer.
More style control for the sticky footer
The sticky footer really expected you to put in an image to look appropriate. After seeing how people have been using the theme, it became apparent that there needed to be an option for a solid color background. That option now exists.
Styling bug fixes
The footer was, ahem, untidy. That has now been fixed.

Feedback is priceless. Please drop ideas, questions and/or concerns in the comments. I do read them and I do take them seriously.

While I am glad that these updates are now public, I am equally disappointed at how late I am in releasing the WordPress theme. The process is taking some time and time has been in extremely short demand. One reason why I felt it important to post these updates is to ensure you that I am in fact working on this stuff and have not forgotten about my promises.

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