New Beginnings

Since sometime in 2007, I have had the fortune to be self-employed. The process was at first frightening, quickly evolved into empowering and eventually phased into a quite comfortable space. Like all things, the work had its ups and downs, but when everything was added up, it definitely netted positive. If you asked me a few months ago if I saw myself moving back into an employed role, I would have laughed it off. Things change.

Starting this week, I will be taking a job at Adaptive Path and I could not be more excited. I had the chance to work as a contractor for Adaptive Path for the past few months and I instantly enjoyed the environment and approach towards solving problems. I have learned so during my time with AP – I especially enjoy the fact that I am surrounded by people much smarter than I.

This transition to a full-time position should have a positive impact on this blog. We all know working for oneself in any web/design related field can be erratic. In this new role, I am expecting a more even-keel work/life balance which should give me more time to devote towards substantive content on Some Random Dude. All the ideas I have spoke about this blog have not been forgotten – with a more predictable schedule, I should be able to realize them.

Have I mentioned that I am excited? Because I totally am.

15 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Well done!

    I made the move from freelance to fulltime when I saw a job offered at It was the best move I ever made, freeing up personal breathing time – allowing me to focus my spare time on personal projects, rather than having to think about client work. Since leaving for bigger things, I’m working on amazing projects from the ground up, giving input right throughout the creative process and being able to really sink my teeth into a project. Freelancing is fun, and great money, but just being given a pile of crappy assets and a repo of dodgy code can be tiring and frustrating – especially if you have demanding and unreasonable clients who expect the unrealistic.

    Being a full timer teaches you so much, especially if you work on large projects with a good team.

    I think we are both lucky! I do miss my weeks off though (although now I get paid for my holiday which is super cool!)

    Have fun!


  2. I had to become self employed as their was no work out there. I have been “under my own steam” now for just over a year and I love it….master of my own destiny etc tec. Its a little off putting when you see the 9-5’s leaving the office knowing your day has only just begun

  3. Congrats, some random dude! Adaptive Path had always been one of my favorites and on my radar, and working in such great places is definitely not like any other 9-5s. I am sure you will be even willing to stay overtime when you start working on great projects.

    Kudos to you from OpenProcessing!

  4. I’m really disappointed in myself that it’s taken me this long to open my feed reader but P.J. I’m so psyched for you!! This is really awesome and I can’t imagine how inspiring this move is for you. We’ll need to talk details as soon as possible. Congratulations again, well earned my friend.

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