The Off Franklin Tumblr Theme

The decision to offer up all the work related to this site has been as grueling as it has been rewarding. Iconic was a huge hit and has seemed to have helped a quite a few people. The next on the list of tasks was the Tumblr theme. I had previously released a theme based on the old design, but it never quite satisfied my expectations (similar to the prior design as a whole). Therefore, once the blog was redesigned, it only made sense to redesign its Tumblr counterpart – which brings me to the new Off Franklin theme.

Off Franklin theme is intended specifically to display media in an efficient and accessible manner. The difference between Off Franklin and its predecesor it both uses space more effectively and focused much more on other content formats such as quotes, text posts and chats.

Interface Overview

Off Franklin is intended to mirror this site as closely as possible, while deviating where it makes sense to fit Tumblr’s format. The grid used on the theme is exactly the same as this site as are many features such a searching. The color scheme out of the box fits the general color guide for this site, but is customizable in a simple, yet functional manner. The theme uses Masonry to render its grid – Masonry made all the difference for this theme.

Now that the Tumblr theme is done, the next big project will be a formal re-release of the Franklin Street WordPress theme. I will be releasing both the generic version of the theme as well as the personalized theme used on this site. Most of the work is completed, but there is still a decent amount left to do. My hope is to get the theme ready by this Spring – until then, enjoy Off Franklin.

8 thoughts on “The Off Franklin Tumblr Theme”

  1. hi there.
    id like to know how to add the twitter icon to my web page? i dont know how to configure html.
    please advise.

  2. Hi P.J. Onori,

    First off I would like to say that your new Tumblr theme is amazing, I mean I really love it and it’s what I’ve been looking for (minimal, yet sophisticated design, and twitter integration, etc).
    I installed it for my blog, but I have a question: Is there a way to not display the posts that I have “liked”. I want to display my followers and my latest tweets, but I would like to disable the “Stuff I like”.
    If you can tell me soon I would really appreciate it. Maybe a change in a line of code or something?

    Thanks a lot, and once again, great work!


  3. to yelsha: you have to sign into twitter first, from the tumblr options page (from your dashboard) and the twitter app will appear at the bottom of your blog page. then you need to go to customize>>appearance and there’s a button to upload your own twitter icon. no need to dive into code for that. hope this works!

    thank you for this very nice theme, p. j. onori!

  4. I really like this theme you made here P.J. Onori. The only thing that I would like to know is, is there any way to get rid of the “Stuff I Like” part at the bottom? Like is there a part of the coding that I could get rid of to make it go away? If you could let me know, I would appreciate it cause I really like this theme.


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