New Icons To Ring in the New Year

I have been overly silent since the end of 2009, merely alluding to some changes on this blog. My goal, which will become more clear in the coming weeks, is to devote considerable time thinking on how to improve this site — and then actually do it. One of my main goals is to make good on my promise to release all the work used to create this site — a task I naively thought would not take that much effort to do. However, a promise is a promise.

During this holiday break, I took out a substantial amount of time to finalize and package up the icon set used for this blog under the (perhaps overly pretentious) name Iconic. The icon set comes in both vector and raster formats (SVG/PNG), includes 13 different colors and 5 different sizes (for the raster icons). Ironically, designing the icons was the easy part — actually getting them ready for you took all the time. Check out the icons below the fold.

On the subject of time, 2010 will be the year where I devote my attention and time to polishing the site. I will be releasing less projects, but will try to present them in a more refined manner. I will not be redesigning the site again, but I will working to constantly improve it in small increments. On that note, I took on the task of re-releasing both the Bitcons and Sanscons icon sets; outputting the icons in multiple colors and sizes as well as refreshing the project pages. If you look at my web traffic, you would quickly notice that the Bitcons and Sanscons pages are by far the most visited on this site. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to devote some time to improving those pages first and foremost.

In the coming days, I will be writing in more detail about what my plans/goals are for this site. Until then, enjoy the icons.

14 thoughts on “New Icons To Ring in the New Year”

  1. Oh. Perfect icons, but you has some typo in naming them: arrow_left_*.png are actually pointing right, and there is no left arrows at all =)

  2. Another great set! Thanks for sharing. I noticed a few mistakes in filenames too: none of the book icons have the right size and all the unlock_stroke ones have width and height reversed. I also believe the white version of heart_stroke_32x28 looks a bit wonky.
    If I may make suggestions, this set would be perfect with a link icon and alternate stop/pause/etc. icons to match the play one.

  3. Sorry if this is already commented anywhere, I just could find an answer to it, so…

    Is there any place where I can find how the different icons are named into the swc package in order to add them to the display list?. I mean, I know there´s an example of it in the readme file that cames with the zip, but I would like to add another icons apart from the check() one, for example a fullscreen_back icon to my swf. It seems that any of the declarations I use is the proper one, for example, let´s say I add a fullscreen button to my display list like so:

    private var goFullButton:SpriteAsset = new Iconic.fullscreen(); —-> that ones works fine but let´s say I would like to add the alternative version of the icon (the on with the arrows pointing at the center named fullscreen_exit in the raster version of the icons) once you already pressed this one. Where can I find those definitions?

    Thanks in advance.



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