Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework

After an extremely long wait, the Layout Organizers I began working on so long ago has finally been released as a full-fledged library named coordy. The code and documentation has finally reached a level of maturity where I feel comfortable offering it up to the public. The code is MIT licensed and begging to be used.

Update: All coordy updates will now be published at the coordy project page.


Coordy is a light Actionscript 3 layout framework which offers a simple way to organize DisplayObjects into various different 2d and 3d layouts. The layouts are light, powerful and virtual organizers that simply manage x/y/z coordinates of DisplayObjects – meaning your objects are not tightly bound to any specific layout.

Some Reasons You May Like coordy

You don’t need Flex
While these layout organizers will work in the Flex framework, you do not need Flex to reap the benefits of this code.

Items controlled by layouts are not bound to any component
DisplayObjects are not tightly bound to layouts. They can come and go as they please.

Items can belong to infinite layouts
DisplayObjects can belong to as many layouts as one desires since they are merely abstract controllers.

Layouts are light
These organizers have far less features than Flex containers by design. Because of this, the footprint is much smaller.

Get Started

If you are interested in simply getting the code and digging in, here is everything that you need to get started.


The release of this library was a long and overly-excruciating experience. At this point, I feel the library needs some fresh eyes and some unique fingers coding on this project. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

18 thoughts on “Introducing coordy – An Actionscript 3 Layout Framework”

  1. nice work ! I can see this getting handy when displaying image galleries etc on sites! sweet. And also the comment love concept is nice , I might join you up on it!

    btw I’m linking your site from my blogroll.

    1. flashape, nui and sk – Thanks so much for the kind words – please give me feedback when you have some available.

      martin – Hey thanks man! I hope it works well for you.

      rh – Due to the addition of the 3d layouts, it will only work with Flash Player 10. Although, just remove the com.somerandomdude.coordy.layouts.threedee and com.somerandomdude.coordy.helpers packages and that should do the trick.

  2. Amazing … I´m new to as3 but … there´s a way to create a circle layout of objects from random positions using tweens ?

  3. Great and usefull thanks…but i have a question!

    Is it possible with a Lattice layout to make a tween that enlarges an object and the other ones adapt to its position?

    thanks in advance 😛

    1. andreb – I’m sorry, this library does not handle situations like that unfortunately. What you could do though is use the Lattice layout to position your items’ initial coordinates and then use a helper class that handles such a case.

  4. thanks for the answer 🙂 allready done that…no i just want a simple thing that i have allready made it work but now i dont remember how 🙁 How can i shift the last colum of a lattice to the first position? and the same for rows..i think is a simple thing!

    thanks again 🙂

  5. This framework is awesome.
    I am using it currently to put text on a semi-circular arc. The problem I am facing is that I am not able to create a semi-circular arc shape. I tried with various wave functions but was not able to get it. Any idea how I can do it?

  6. Great Library, but I have one problem
    I need to layout 3 sprites using HorizontalLine:
    First sprite should be aligned to the left margin,
    Second and Third sprite should be aligned to the right margin of the container
    There is a large gap between first and second sprites, but between the second and third sprites – a small gap (5px)
    Also the large gap should be flexible to change the size after changing the container width.
    In the Flex I can use Spacers and sizes in % to implement this.
    Also in the Flex I can use Canvas container and position the object at 10px from the right margin and other object at 5px from the left margin.
    How can I implement this feature using coordy?

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