Progress on the Layout Organizers Library

A long while back, I released a layout organizer library for Flash. The whole project was essentially an experiment-turned-released-code-collection and, as expected, there have been some growing pains going forward. I have been taking the time to rethink portions of the library and try to clean up and extend its functionality. One big push forward was the introduction of 3d layouts — however, it did not quite fit in with the prior structure. Well, I am very close to completing a fairly thorough rewrite of the library, which will be released in a less haphazard way. I have come to depend on this library for almost every project I have taken on — it just takes care of so much for you automatically.

Update: This code base has now been released under the name coordy. Read more.

Below is a quick video of one of the expanded layout organizers. Using the layout organizer library, and with a little trickery, this whole piece could likely be created in 25 or 40 lines of code. What I have come to love about this library is that it removes the redundancy of generating basic layouts in addition to aiding tremendously in creating less standard layouts as well.

You need the Flash Player to view this video.

I am hoping to get this library out by the end of the month. Since I use this library extensively, there will be frequent fixes and improvements in the months to come. I am hoping that some other developers may find it to be just as useful so I can get some help pushing it further. Check in by the end of the month — it should be up by then.

3 thoughts on “Progress on the Layout Organizers Library”

  1. Hey, posted on 21st of April , and now its 27th of May – still can no find updated sourcecode !!! How long I have to wait ??

    ok. joking. Take your time

    I really like this library and its potential. I ve been using it for one project before – and waiting now for new version to update.

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