You may have noticed a lack of a full article in close to three weeks. This is mainly in part to a very busy schedule and some serious time dedicated to long-term projects. Unfortunately, this also has to do with me trying to alleviate some major server problems. In the past four days, I have had 8 system crashes, four of which happening on one day. This has led me to devote a large portion of time to remedy it and go on long (and overly-emotional) Twitter diatribes of my experience.

I have come to the conclusion that I just need to make a fresh start with a new hosting service. I have been with MediaTemple for years — the majority of which was on their Grid Service. Like many, I had my assorted collection of problems with the Grid, so I decided to move up to the DV. Due to recent events, I am thinking that is not the right fit either. So after chatting with a few folks, I am going to give Mosso’s new Cloud Server hosting a try. At this point, I just have a hard time justifying paying $100 a month for a VPS with 512 MB of dedicated memory when I can get 1GB of RAM for roughly half that price, based on my current traffic. This is going to suck up some time, so my posting will continue to be sparse, but my hope is this move will stop the crashes and I can once again get back to what this blog is about — writing articles.

Thanks for the patience.