Processing Motion Experiment – Wandering Blossoms

I truly am loving how I can take a piece of code and begin to have it exist in various mediums. This experiment was actually posted to my Vimeo account quite a while ago, but I wanted to output this project as a vector piece as well. I actually think my previous project would be ended up as a good candidate for vector output as well – I may go back and add that at a later time. This project was just another test on playing with motion preceding my knowledge of the noise() method. Looking back, a similar look in motion could have been achieved with far fewer lines of code. Nonetheless, I think the final result ended up being quite nice.

I hope to continue to have the time to post these projects. I feel as though I am (slowly) getting a grasp on how this whole Processing thing works. My goal is to cross-pollinate any future Processing projects with Flash/Flex projects. I have a few ideas on how that may just happen.

Wandering Blossoms from P.J. Onori on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Processing Motion Experiment – Wandering Blossoms”

  1. I’d be very curious how your Layout Organiser concept could be applied to processing. Like you my experiments with it also have trouble getting to grips with the Processing way of doing things, after coming from Flash, but I think that concept could be very powerful for generative art.

  2. Hey guys, sorry for not responding earlier – I was a little under the weather yesterday.

    Kevin – I would love to do something like that, although I have a long, long way to go before I reach the level of understanding in Processing to pull something like that off… 😉

    kellie – Wow, long time, no comment! I’m truly flattered that you like this piece enough to put it on your wall. My true goal for these sorts of projects is to have people do just that.

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