Papervision 3d Public Beta Announced

After all the hype and excitement, another big benchmark has been achieved for the open source 3d Actionscript library, Papervision 3d. Papervision is now in public beta and it is well worth playing with this library if you have not yet done so.

I have done some work with the library months ago, however it was understandably hard to work with from time to time. I cannot think of a more ambitious Actionscript project around – this project’s potential knows no ceiling. There are still some very pragmatic issues that cause concern such as performance and initialization times. Still, used correctly, this library literally opens up a whole new dimension for Actionscripters.

Unfortunately, I cannot show the Papervision work that I have previously done due to privacy agreements. However, I plan to get my hands dirty with this code again in the near future – I will no doubt post my results.

8 thoughts on “Papervision 3d Public Beta Announced”

  1. I think you need to post more blog entries with pictures of awesome looking sharks. I really really liked this entry because of that interesting picture of the shark and the fish. I tried clicking on the other links to see if the phot was used but I didn’t see it anywhere else.

    Tell us, what it all means. Why is there a shark on this post? Is it for just AWESOME COOLNESS? Maybe something more subtle just under the surface? I didn’t see it in the Papervision 3d video at all. Imagine my disappointment.

    Anyway, please tell me where you got this picture. Suggestion, try including this picture and other random pictures of sharks and ultra animals (Tyranosaurus Rex, The Cyclops, etc.) in your posts.

    Papervision 3d looks pretty cool. i didn’t understand it though. However, that X-Wing footage reminded me of days oh so long ago.

  2. I have begun a pro-shark policy on Some Random Dude. ALL posts – regardless of content – will, effective immediately, have numerous images of sharks in order to promote a pro-badass policy on this site. Other badass animals and robots are being considered in this galactic war on non-badass-ness. More information will be provided at a later date.

    Actually, that image of the shark is on the Papervision site, you just have to wait an extremely long time for it to load and initialize (hence my writing about its drawbacks).

    What makes Papervision so cool is that it allows something close to a 3d engine for Flash – allowing for all sorts of coolness. Without something like Papervision, creating 3d scenes would be much more time consuming and clumsy for developers.

    Honestly though, if you want more sharks I will shamelessly cater to your internetly desires. Just give me the word. 🙂

  3. I believe I referred to them as “ultra animals”, but bad-ass creatures & robots will suffice.

    If only there was a way I could submit pictures of Bad-Ass Ultra Animal Creatures & Robots (BAUACR) to SRD…

  4. i can’t believe that such an interesting article on programming turned into a conversation about ‘ultra animals’ and robots.

  5. I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. Who knows, when I post the tribute to badass-ness, the conversation may spawn into a philosophical discussion on the relativity of truth.

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