Work, Deadlines and Hospitals. Oh My!

Life has taken another unexpected turn with an unexpected trip to the hospital (Leah and I are fine – a family member had a fairly large scare). Things seem to be back to (somewhat) normal at this point, but I am quickly learning that emergencies do not mix well with a daily blogging schedule. I have a whole queue of articles that are on the way to being published, but as one would expect, I just need to find the time to finish them up.

If life resumes to its normal pace, I will be back to my normal schedule of writing. Based off the last three weeks however, I am holding off judgment until I see proof…

4 thoughts on “Work, Deadlines and Hospitals. Oh My!”

  1. Thank you for the update. Hope all is well with your family and Leah’s…
    Please let us know if we can do something to help both of you. This has been a difficult year for everyone.

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