The Blogs I Read (and outright envy)

I have been writing this blog for close to two years now and reading blogs for nearly twice as long. There is no shortage of great writers and great blogs on the internet, but to me, these either represent my favorite content or are special to me for other reasons. Either way, I highly suggest all of the blogs below – not a day goes by where I do not wish I could incorporate the quality of writing or type of content in each of these sites. I do not spend enough time on this site giving my respect to what I consider good work, I thought now was as good of a time as ever. If I were to list all of my favorite blogs, the list would be in the hundreds and it would literally take me weeks to finish the article. Perhaps I will begin briefly talking about my favorite blogs on a monthly basis, but for now I will leave the list at this.

Here is the list in no particular order:

Design Observer

The writing for this blog is amazingly poignant and intelligent. While most of the web is dumbing itself down with top-10 lists, Design Observer continues to publish well-written exhaustive articles on all aspects of design. It is well worth your time to subscribe and thoroughly read through the articles.

Monday By Noon

Easily, the best domain name I have come across – and that is saying a lot since I have quite the affinity towards my own. What other domain name do you know that lets you know when each article will be published? Seriously, the blog deserved to be on this list just for that. However, this blog is not just about a clever name – the content is very well thought out, each article is a great learning experience and the topics are always very important (in the realm of web design). I do not have much time to read many web design/dev blogs anymore, but I make sure to read Monday By Noon every week.

Steve Tucker

Keep an eye out for this guy, because he is definitely on the way up in the web community. Steve is another web design/dev blogger that brings great content on a continual basis. What is nice about his blog is that the personal tidbits of life are scattered through the collection of articles as well. Some may not appreciate such things, but I really enjoy the human experience being a topic in any blog – and Steve does it very well.


I am a bit of a green-nut, if you visit this site even semi-regularly it becomes quite apparent. From my surfing, TreeHugger is the best environmental blog on the net, period. TreeHugger is one of the few blogs I frequent on a daily basis – not one day goes by without me visiting at least once. The topics are on the environment are very diverse and are always very insightful. I become a complete jabber-box when the environment becomes a topic of discussion – a lot of what I talk about in those conversations are things I learn from TreeHugger.


This blog definitely lives in a niche, but it just ends up being my absolute favorite topic – design that aids the world community. From my view, INHABITAT should be in every designer’s RSS reader, regardless of the type they are. Graphic designers, web designers, industrial designers, architects and all other forms of designers can learn from the amazing work this blog promotes. The content on this site is a constant stream of inspiration on how design really can make a difference in the world.


Easily the king of wit in my list of blogs. I personally know one of the writers for this blog and brilliant is an understatement for him. The topics are extremely diverse and seemingly dug out of nowhere – I absolutely love it. If I am looking for a topic that I know I could not find anywhere else, I turn to SnarkMarket.

Paradyme Solutions

The folks at Paradyme are amazingly intelligent – I should know since I worked with them for a year. The blog covers the extremely uncrowded topic of information architecture an experience design. You can find a million sites showing you how to use CSS to round corners – not too many delve into subjects such as intelligent navigation structures and real-life usability studies. IA is far too overlooked, even by the web community. We all could use a little more reading in the subject and Paradyme’s blog is a great place to start.

The Blog Bit Me

My wife started this blog about 6 months ago. I keep telling my wife, that if she would write just a little more often, she would have a lot of readers. Sure, I may be a little biased, but if you read her blog as well, I think you will have the same opinion. I am always surprised by the subjects that come up and the perspective taken on them. She is definitely the writer in the couple and her domain name kicks quite a lot of ass as well…

Once again, I highly suggest spending some serious time with each of these blogs – regardless of your particular interests – I really think you will enjoy them. By all means, please drop a comment of your favorite blog(s), I would love to add to the list.

5 thoughts on “The Blogs I Read (and outright envy)”

  1. Thanks so much for the plug, PJ, I truly appreciate it. You’ve clued me in to a number of sites that I’ve never even heard of before today, but will definitely be keeping an eye on from here on out. Thanks for the tips, and again, more thanks for your comments.

  2. I second Jon there – thanks so much PJ, I really feel worth while now, and it’s really great to know that people like you value the stuff I write 😀

    On another point I should also get my wife blogging – she spends waaaaaaay too much time on myspace and I need to get her off it!

    Thanks again PJ, you’re a pal

  3. Steve – My pleasure – you deserve it. 🙂 Good luck with getting your wife to blog – I really enjoy it because we have come to chat a lot about interesting topics to write about. Definitely good for conversation. 😉

    Kellie – Man, what was I thinking? There really is no better place to get your daily dose of venomous hate…

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